This report doesn’t conform to the preferred narrative so it’s likely to be challenged.

Stephanie Wang of the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Panel: Campus Rape Epidemic May Be Overblown

A group of conservative feminists on Thursday agreed that the statistics being used to create the impression of a “campus culture of rape” are overblown, though they admitted that sexual assaults to sometimes take place on campus.

The Independent Women’s Forum hosted a panel discussion at the Fund for American Studies to discuss the issue. The group included a former philosophy professor, a journalist, a former State Department official, and a lawyer.

The issue of rape has also been hyped on social media through hashtag activism, such as the #YesAllWomen trend, which swept Twitter earlier this month.

While the panel agreed that rapes do occur on campus, there seemed to be agreement on the fact that statistics being promoted are often wrong.

Christina Hoff Sommers, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and former professor of philosophy, discussed the problems with the statistic that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted on campus that is often promoted by campus feminists. Sommers said the definition of sexual assault used to gather that statistic was far too broad. For example, any sexual experience that occurred while under the influence of alcohol or drugs was counted as a sexual assault.

Sommers said the promotion of false statistics only works against the problem. True cases of rape are diminished when sexual assault is defined so broadly.