Progressives just don’t understand that nothing is free and that someone always pays. Either that or they just don’t care.

Check out this report from Eric Owens at the Daily Caller.

Brilliant Leftists Solve College Tuition Problem: Just Institute Price Controls, Soak Taxpayers

Now that America’s college graduates (and college dropouts) are under-employed by the millions and awash in $1.2 trillion in collective debt, skyrocketing tuition prices over the last four decades are finally receiving some political attention.

A liberal nonprofit group believes it has found the solution: Just make in-state public colleges free for academically-qualified student from families with a household income lower than $180,000 per year. The innovative solution also involves burdensome price controls.

The nonprofit, Redeeming America’s Promise, is inspired by tiny nonprofit programs such as The Kalamazoo Promise, according to National Public Radio.

The Kalamazoo Promise program provides funding up to 100 percent for any graduate of the city’s public schools who attends state colleges and universities in Michigan.

The Kalamazoo Promise is “funded entirely by a small group of anonymous donors,” according to its website. Taxpayers are not involved.

Redeeming America’s Promise would not rely on anonymous donors. Instead, it would involve a very convoluted set of federal transfers and new federal regulations.

The group claims the massive new entitlement program would come from the money that currently pays for Pell Grants and certain tax credits.

The group would do away with Pell Grants and those tax credits, exchanging one pile of taxpayer-funded stuff for another pile of the same taxpayer-funded stuff.