Given how favorably Wikipedia treats liberal causes, it is amusing how they have now become the target of feminist fury.

It seems that the editors of the online encyclopedia might be a bit concerned that the man-bashing tone might put-off a significant portion of their readership.

Perhaps it is time for men’s rights activists to create a #WarOnMen entry?

Furman University student Lauren Cooley files this report over some of the site’s edits on a notorious hashtag.

In the wake of the UCSB shooting, feminist activists hijacked the narrative surrounding the shooting by creating the hashtag “YesAllWomen” – which collectively allowed Twitter users to share their thoughts on the plight of being a suppressed woman in today’s society.

Very similarly, feminist activists are now attempting to hijack the way in which the shooting, and #YesAllWomen, is remembered online, by editing and re-editing the #YesAllWomen Wikipedia entry.

This editing and re-editing has become somewhat of an edit war, with well over 100 prior versions of the page since its creation in late May that document multiple changes back and forth.

Some citizen editors claim they are trying to make the site less biased through their edits.

“Edited article to be slightly more NPOV,” one editor remarked. “It’s still kind of a giant pile of feminist propaganda, though.”

Another quipped: “…yep, more misandry. Humanity stupidity is a bottomless well.”

Misandry is a hatred of men.

Those edits and similar ones did not go over well, as the ultra-feminist website Jezebel first reported, even insinuating men were behind the changes:

“Over the past several days, several individuals (presumably men) have made multiple attempts to edit the Wikipedia entry for #YesAllWomen in order to make it less ‘misandrist,’ ” according to a June 6 article. “A few users have made edits to the article to debate the facts of the Isla Vista shooting.”

“For instance, take (the) changes that call into question the motivation behind Elliot Rodger’s shooting and allege that the #YesAllWomen hashtag ‘ended up being used for misandry.’ ”

The notion that Rodger was insane as opposed to misogynistic did not fare too well on the page.

….Nevertheless, feminists do not deny the misandry or bias of #YesAllWomen. In fact, the #YesAllWomen Wikipedia page itself has been labeled within the scope of WikiProject Feminism, which is “a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Feminism on Wikipedia.”With that, the biased tone of the entry is valid, some editors argue, in order to combat the more “neutral” points of view. As one editor explained: “Actually this whole article is about the reaction to what are considered gendered killings, so no, it’s no undue.”