This is actually an update to a story we brought you back in the fall of 2013. The injury at the center of the story was very serious.

WCPO News reports.

14 charged in Wilmington College hazing incident at the Gamma Phi Gamma house

WILMINGTON, Ohio — Fourteen men were arrested Thursday after an investigation into a hazing incident that left a man with permanent injuries to his genitals.

The incident happened at the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity house (also known as the Gobbler house) near Wilmington College on Oct. 31, 2013.

Officers were called to Clinton Memorial Hospital after a pledge from the fraternity was taken there with serious injuries.

On the night of the incident, three pledges were inducted into the fraternity in the 600 block of Fife Avenue while 20 members watched and participated, police said.

According to Clinton County court documents, the three pledges were blindfolded in the home’s basement and told to get on the floor and make swimming motions in three inches of water.

Next, officials said the three men stood naked and had Icy Hot lotion applied to their bodies while other members used knot-tied towels to hit them.

One pledge, identified as Tyler Lawrence, was hit in the groin so hard, officials said he had to have his testicle removed during emergency surgery at Clinton Memorial Hospital.