How could this happen? Aren’t there thousands of high paying jobs out there for someone with a degree in gender studies?

Hat tip to Instapundit. ABC 6 in Tennessee reports.

USC Upstate Trims Costs, Closes Gender Studies Center

SPARTANBURG, S.C – USC Upstate leaders say their strategic plan cuts $450,000 in administrative costs but will impact the Honors Program, Continuing Studies, Center for Women’s and Gender Studies, Upstate’s Greenville Campus and others.

The Center for Women’s and Gender Studies was at the heart of a funding fight between SC Lawmakers and the University. Lawmakers threatened to pull funding over what they called questionable reading assignments. USC Upstate fought back.

“While all of these decisions are difficult, the changes impacting our Center for Women’s and Gender Studies are particularly hard given the importance of their programming and the unfortunate timing of this announcement,” said Chancellor Tom Moore. “However, our campus should be reassured that some of our savings will create an efficient and effective structure to oversee, coordinate, promote and strengthen interdisciplinary minors including Women’s and Gender Studies as well as African American Studies and International Studies.”

Moore noted the Women’s and Gender Studies is the only one that currently has a dedicated center. That center will be closed in the upcoming fiscal year.