So it turns out all this “privilege” BS we’re hearing about is just a re-branding of the same old tired leftist tropes. Anyone surprised?

The Examiner reported.

Professor at white privilege conference promotes Marxism as way to defeat racism

In a video posted Saturday at Progressives Today, Kankakee Community College adjunct professor Stephanie Baran is heard promoting the idea that capitalism is the cause of racism in the modern world while speaking at the White Privilege Conference held in Madison, Wisc., this March. The answer, apparently, is full-blown Marxism.

Baran said she would be “down” with the idea of “kicking out capitalism,” even though it would “encourage full scale revolution.”

“I’ve learned I’m a ‘vulgar Marxist,'” she added, “because I desire to see the entire dismantling of the system versus the other, softer, kinder, brutal Marxists.”

Progressives Today said that more than 2,400 teachers and students attended the conference this year, and were told, among other things, that the white race was created in 1681, and that rape is not intrinsically bad. Another speaker urged attendees to think about ways to rein in free speech, and Christianity was also attacked as a tool that promotes racism.