College men need to be so careful in sexual situations. All it takes is an accusation and your life can become a nightmare.

WRAL reports.

Duke student, expelled after sex assault claim, sues for degree

A Duke student is suing the university after he was banned from the May 10 graduation ceremony because of another student’s claim of sexual assault.

Lewis McLeod, a psychology major from Australia, says that, without his degree, his entire future is on hold.

According to the motion filed by Schwartz & Shaw of Raleigh, McLeod took a female Duke student back to his home on Nov. 14. McLeod alleges their sex was consensual and that the woman “got emotional” and began to cry.

McLeod told his lawyers that the woman later took her claim of sexual assault to law enforcement, and that both Duke University police and Durham police investigated and decided not to charge him with a crime.

The university Office of Student Conduct then conducted its own investigation, found McLeod guilty of sexual assault and expelled him.

Duke had no comment Tuesday on the legal motion, which asks that Duke be compelled to award McLeod his degree and let him get on with his life.

McLeod’s lawsuit describes a “sloppy investigation” that “violated Duke University’s own written standards … as well as all notions of fundamental fairness.”

In the 40-page lawsuit, McLeod’s attorneys laid out his arguments against the victim’s side of the story, statements from her friends and how the case was handled.