Another diversity drama is playing out on the campus of Dartmouth University.

And, based on the student mocking it is receiving, the progressives responsible may have overplayed their hand.

The first act of this particular drama features the school’s cancellation of a charity event when a single charge of racism was made.

A Dartmouth fraternity and sorority fundraising event, “Phiesta,” has been cancelled after a student showed concerns over the event being offensive.

“Phiesta” was planned as a fundraising event for cardiac care. It would have featured a lawn performance of the band “Burn the Barn,” Boloco burritos, free virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquiris, chips and salsa, and homemade guacamole.

Class of ’15 student Daniela Hernandez, after hearing about the event, sent an email to Greek Letter Organizations and Societies, GLOS director Wes Schaub, Dean of the College Charlotte Johnson, the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, and the Panhellenic Council about her concerns over “Phiesta” and the theme being racially insensitive.

The second act is outrage from the students — not by the event, but by its cancellation. Henry C. Woram sums up the responses in The Dartmouth review:

A writer under the username “oneofthe99,” presumably a reference to the Occupy Wall Street movement, had this to say on the blog “Maybe this is what Bill Maher was talking about,” oneofthe99 wrote, “we have become too politically correct.”

…Contributor “kmarko” writing for Barstool sports, a humor website that targets college age males, said: “I can only hope that the next person that dies from heart disease takes comfort in the fact their death was in no way responsible for offending a student on a college campus who had to witness people eating a burrito on Cinco de Mayo.”

We are quickly becoming the nation’s most controversial Ivy, and our campus is fertile ground for scandals. A successive string of juicy stories has painted a large target on our College. Nothing, not even a fiesta, will go unheard now.

Another student submitted a mocking “Bias Incident Report”.

Upon entering Class of ’53 Commons, affectionately known as “Fascist Commons” in the student body, at approximately 2:00pm EST (although time zones are largely a construct of the white capitalist devils) on Friday, April 25, 2014, I was confronted by a deeply disturbing sight. At the vegetarian station and “The [Zionist] Pavilion,” home to Kosher fare, racism reared its ugly head. Apparently, DDS woke up on Friday, strapped on their black polished Nazi boots, and set about engaging in cultural appropriation.

…The discrepancy in spelling of “Sichuan/Szechuan Province” underscores the carelessness with which DDS appropriates foreign cultures. Why don’t we all just go throw a “Phiesta” to celebrate the rampant racism at Dartmouth.

The third act is apt to be more mocking of other over-dramatic diversity incidents, which will be playing soon at campuses across the nation.

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