Furman University student Lauren Cooley reviews one South Carolina’s new political science course that focuses on our former Vice President.

A government course at the University of South Carolina is led by the former chairman of the Democratic National Committee and touts former Vice President Al Gore and his environmentalism causes.

Dr. Don Fowler, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, taught American Politics 2035 this spring at the University of South Carolina’s Honors College, a course which landed Gore as a guest lecturer and used one of Gore’s books as required reading.

“He’s a very important person intellectually and in terms of business in this country,” Fowler told a local Fox News affiliate about Gore.

While the course is said to “examine contemporary trends and conditions in American and world politics” and seeks “to project the important relevant factors for two decades to 2035,” it appears the government class’ bent is decidedly in the blue corner.

The course has three required readings: two books co-authored by Morley Winograd and Mike Hais, as well as a book by Gore called “The Future.”

According to its Amazon description, the book looks at globalization, or what Gore calls “Earth Inc.,” as well as the digital “global mind” and unsustainable planetary consumption.

Earlier in the semester, Gore lectured Dr. Fowler’s class via Skype.

“Gore stayed on the topics covered in his book, avoiding any mention of partisan politics or delving into Congress or the president,” WACH Fox reports. “Instead, Gore focused on topics including emerging world powers and the potential effects of climate change.”

In an email, Assistant Director of Media Relations at the University of South Carolina Margaret “Peggy” Ryan Binette said “it was a good talk.”

“[Gore] touched upon the various themes in his latest book which is one of the texts our [sic] SC Honors College students are using this semester,” she wrote.

In conversations with some students at the University of South Carolina, many were surprised Gore was available to talk to the college class. However it turns out Dr. Fowler’s son, Donnie Fowler, was the National Field Director for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential bid.

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