For cryin’ out loud!

Look at what the University of Wisconsin – Madison is offering in the name of “student health”!

What do you get when you allocate nearly $100,000 annually from taxpayer, tuition and student-fee funded coffers to a campus organization dedicated to sexual health?

I’m glad you asked. Let’s take a look.

Sex Out Loud is a peer-to-peer sexual health resource program at the publicly funded University of Wisconsin-Madison, and its leaders spend their generous annual budget on a variety of “educational” endeavors.

Why, just last week, it held back-to-back symposiums to teach students how to have an orgasm. Granted, I’m pretty sure guys have that mastered by age 15, yet I’ll grant some women might need a bit more help. It’s trickier for us. But I digress.

Last Thursday, April 24, Sex Out Loud hosted its “Advanced Pleasure Workshop” in a student activity center room. Not the most romantic setting, but hey – you make do.

Despite my best efforts to get an enterprising student reporter to attend this event and report back to The College Fix what constitutes “advanced pleasure” – alas, I struck out. But here’s the way the event was described by Sex Out Loud promoters:SexInside

Dive deeper into the world of pleasure! This 90-minute workshop includes a comprehensive discussion of sex toys and sex positions and includes tips and techniques to enhance sexual pleasure. Plus there’s plenty of fun, sexy-themed games!

Well, there’s a $15,000-a-year college education well spent. I’m sure the good folks of Wisconsin appreciate that their kids are learning how to master ben wa balls and doggie style on the taxpayer’s dime. Sure – they can learn this stuff for free on the internet or the old-school trial by error method without their esteemed university’s help, but would they really be getting the world class education they deserve?