The state of Indiana is no longer the only one thinking of giving the boot to Common Core.

The Washington Times reports.

Missouri considers dumping new education standards

Missouri could become the second state to drop new education benchmarks if lawmakers approve legislation to require the state to start the process of writing its own student performance standards.

Earlier this year, Indiana became the first state to formally abandon the national Common Core State Standards, which were adopted by over 40 states in an effort to standardize reading, writing and math benchmarks across state lines.

Like Indiana, Missouri adopted the standards in 2010. But since then, Missouri’s Republican-led Legislature has raised concerns that Common Core takes away the state’s power to determine education policy for public schools.

Now the Senate is scheduled to debate legislation this week that would charge a panel of educators and parents with writing new student performance goals to replace Common Core. The House passed a similar bill earlier this month.

Critics of Common Core said lawmakers should have been consulted on the decision when the State Board of Education adopted the standards. They want Missouri to write its own student benchmarks with involvement from lawmakers.

“There was no open and transparent process,” said Sen. John Lamping, R-Ladue. “I think once Missourians found out they had no say on the adoption of those standards, they now want their own.”