Students contemplating summer employment plans may want to consider these ten, high-paying internships listed in The Huffington Post.

The bad news for scholars with a more conservative world-view: They are primarily located in the deep blue Bay Area.

The good news: There are is a fossil-fuel company with openings.

The best news: Many are with social media firms, upon which many college students rely. If handled well, it could be a great opportunity to channel a less progressive message to young Americans.

The rankings are generated from, a platform for employees to anonymously share the perks and pitfalls of their workplace,.

The top three:

1)  Palantir

Average monthly base pay: $7,012
Interns say: “Work is motivated by a real mission. Very few people are there just for money.” – Palantir Support Engineer Intern (Palo Alto, CA.)

2) VMWarew

Average monthly base pay: $6,966
Interns say: “Compensation is up to the mark and company takes care of good bonuses and other perks.” – VMWare Graduate Intern (Palo Alto, CA.)

3) Twitter

Average monthly base pay: $6,791
Interns say: “You will ship code used in production, you can have a say in virtually all company decisions, you will be generously compensated, you will learn a ton.” – Twitter Software Engineering Intern (New York, NY.)

The remaining seven are:

4) LinkedIn
5) Facebook
6) Microsoft
7) Ebay
8) Exxon-Mobile
9) Google
10) Apple