We recently told you about a new movie called ‘God’s Not Dead’ which looks at anti-God bias in higher ed. It did very well on its first weekend.

The College Fix reports.

‘God’s Not Dead’ Takes Weekend Box Office By Storm

“God’s Not Dead” – a movie that highlights the anti-God bias prevalent at universities today – took the box office by storm this weekend.

Entertainment Weekly reports that despite its limited distribution in 780 theaters nationwide, it took in a whopping $8.6 million since its debut Friday, placing strong among major motion pictures backed by huge studios.

“The biggest surprise of the weekend is undoubtedly the success of God’s Not Dead, an inspirational drama about a college student who defends his belief in God against a non-believing professor,” EW reports. “With no marquee stars (Kevin Sorbo and Dean Cain appear in the film, as does Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson) and little mainstream press, the film earned $8.6 million from just 780 theaters.”

While EW cites the movie’s success on social media as the reason for its strong showing in theaters, perhaps the demand for faith-based movies that stay true to Christian principles and tackle compelling subjects – all with a top-notch production value – is the true culprit.

God’s Not Dead raises awareness of discrimination against Christianity at universities. It was inspired by a true story of religious persecution against a Missouri State University student. Producers say they hope to motivate and equip students who face overzealous antitheism to stand up for their beliefs. At the end of the movie, true tales of persecution at universities rolls onscreen.