Khalea Underwood is a recent Howard University graduate who moonlights as a magazine intern and a freelancer in New York City.

Given that she is an intern living in one of America’s most expensive cities, learning to live with roommates is a critical skill.  She offers the following perspective:

Jezebel’s Year of the Clean Person is super-inspiring to me because I have a teeny-tiny struggle with being tidy. It’s weird. I certainly have neat freak tendencies and can’t sleep until my space is somewhat organized, but I couldn’t keep my room 100% clean if you paid me. Especially before and after getting dressed. However, I always tried to keep it cute in the shared area of each room and apartment that I’ve lived in.

I usually ended up sharing the kitchen and living room with my roommates (but always had my own bathroom, thank God). And in every living situation that I’ve been in, there was always one girl who gave no effs. She’d leave her dishes in the sink or her softball cleats on the couch or – one of my personal favorite experiences – her dirty panties on the floor BY the washing machine instead of inside of it. I could go on for days about my various roommate horror stories, but instead, I’ll extend my sympathies to the sisters who suffered like I did. If campus housing brought you to it, you will get through it. And to the dirtttyyy girls – you would do more if you knew more. So I’ll let you know how you can know if you’re nasty, no Janet.

Underwood’s list, which is part of a photographic essay:

1) If you can make a 20-inch bundle of weave from the hair on your floor.
2) If you can write your midterm essay from the dust on your dresser.
3) If your clothing hamper’s so big because it’s full of secrets.
4) When the three-second rule turns into .3 seconds by default.
5) When you change your sheets less than the seasons do.
6) If there are spots on your mirror selfies even after you use a filter.
7) When campus critters throw house parties in corners of your bedroom.
8) When you actually get dirtier AFTER you shower.
9) If your toilet brush has a tan.
10) When you can smell last Friday’s dinner during this Monday’s breakfast.