This eyebrow raising report from Dr. Susan Berry of Breitbart is further proof that Common Core has more to do with politics than education.

Common Core Architect Brings in OFA Workers to Target ‘Low Hanging Fruit’

At a conference of the Annual Strategic Data Project (SDP) last year, Common Core “architect” and current president of the “non-profit” College Board, David Coleman, praised the collection of student data via the Common Core State Standards initiative.

Furthermore, he welcomed to that effort members of Barack Obama’s re-election campaign who, Coleman said, would be reaching out, as they did for the campaign, to the “low-hanging fruit,” or low-income and Latino students.

In the video below, recorded last May by the Harvard Center for Education Policy Research CEPR, Coleman gave his audience several important pieces of information…

Coleman also announced the addition of Jeremy Bird to the College Board’s Access to Rigor campaign, who is heading “field mobilization” for the initiative. Bird is the founding partner of 270 Strategies who served as National Deputy Director of Organizing for America (OFA) and, more recently, lead the “Turning Texas Blue” campaign which is working to organize the Latino population in that state for Democrats.