Last Sunday, we told you about the student government at Old Dominion University, which took funds from the College Republicans and gave them to another group. The money has now been returned.

Julius Lacano of The College Fix provides an update.

UPDATE: University Returns College Republicans Funds After Public Outcry

A week ago, the Old Dominion College Republicans had a problem. About half of our budget had been unjustly taken, and student government leaders had made it clear that they weren’t giving it back. Due to the loss of funding, our group’s planned student trip to CPAC was in jeopardy. After reaching a dead end with the student government and the university itself, the ODU College Republicans decided that the only way to press for change was to tell the world our story…

What started as a small story about a College Republican group in Norfolk, Virginia soon began being shared thousands of times by conservatives throughout the United States fed up with both liberal academia and the double standard that seems to exist when dealing with conservative groups.

Starting Friday and throughout the weekend, the story spread through social media. Alumni, current students, concerned locals and complete strangers began voicing their opposition. The SGA and ODU Senate got wind of these stories and dug in and stuck to their guns. Through sources they let us know that they were denying our request for a hearing concerning the matter and denied that any conflict of interest existed.

While SGA was trying to maintain the status quo, emails were being sent by concerned and angry readers to the President of the university, Dr. John Broderick, the President of the Student Government, Collin Hurst, and to the Finance Director in question, Connor Norton. By Sunday night the university had gotten wind of the bad press and decided it was time to make amends. At around 7pm they asked for a meeting between the Chairman of the ODU College Republicans and the President of the Student Government.

The meeting was courteous and beneficial on both sides of the table. The SGA President apologized for our money being taken and described it as an unfortunate “misunderstanding” and a learning experience for all involved. He also said that the stories circulating shed a bad light on the university and had shown that there were glaring issues that existed and needed to be fixed.