The University of Chicago is known as a research university. How does this improve their brand?

Jennifer Kabbany of The College Fix reports.

University’s Sex Week Includes Flogging, Electrocuting Students

Students can experience what it feels like to be sexually flogged and electrocuted during an upcoming Sex Week activity at the University of Chicago.

The workshop, dubbed “Taste of Kink” and scheduled for Feb. 15, will “explore … the exchanges and sensations that can be generated by floggers, rope, electricity and more,” the university’s Sex Week agenda states.

It’s one event among nearly 40 scheduled to take place at the private university in the coming weeks. Several include teaching students how to perform better oral sex and tie their partners up during sex. Others explore the adult film industry, instruct students in “pagan sex magic,” and teach them how to talk dirty.

The “Taste of Kink” activity, set to take place at the University of Chicago’s Logan Center For The Arts, asks students on the Sex Week agenda: “Intrigued but nervous about bringing anything into the bedroom?”

“Curious about props and toys that crop up in kinky relationships?” it continues. “Come explore, at your own pace and in a laid back space, the exchanges and sensations that can be generated by floggers, rope, electricity and more.”

University of Chicago administrators did not respond Tuesday to a request for comment by The College Fix.

Organizers of the University of Chicago’s upcoming Sex Week, which launches Thursday and runs through Feb. 16, state on the event’s website that “our goal is to provide a space, perhaps an excuse, to start a conversation about everything related to sex and sexuality, and hope that this openness about any other everyday topic continues far beyond the week.”

“We like this to be an exploration and discussion of a usually taboo subject, thinking about the terms and images we use, how we express ourselves, and interactions with others, as well as our own personal sexual preferences and choices,” Sex Week organizer Stephanie Grach told XBiz newswire.