With all eyes on Sochi, Russia for the Olympics, it is interesting to see which colleges have sent the most students to complete.

While all of the American athletes in Sochi can connect over a shared nationality, many teammates can bond about something more specific — their alma mater.

Whether they were classmates or attended decades apart, many athletes share an educational background, especially on the U.S. men’s and women’s hockey teams. The most popular school for this year’s U.S. Olympians — Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah — has 23 current and former students competing in the games.

The following Westminster College students are now competing in Sochi:

Alpine Skiing: Julia Ford, Travis Ganong, Jared Goldberg, Megan McJames, Leanne Smith, Marco Sullivan, Jacqueline Wiles; Cross-Country Skiing: Jessie Diggins, Torin Koos; Freeskiing: Maddie Bowman, Joss Christensen, Devin Logan, Brita Sigourney; Freestyle Skiing: Heather McPhie, Eliza Outtrim; Nordic Combined: Bryan Fletcher, Taylor Fletcher; Ski Jumping: Jessica Jerome; Snowboarding: Alexander Deibold, Faye Gulini, Jackie Hernandez, Lindsey Jacobellis, Jessika Jenson

Westminster University student Nick Goepper (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Westminster University student Nick Goepper (Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Besides Westminster College, Business Insider has identified the following other schools in its list of  Top 10 Winter Olympic Contributors for 2014; College Insurrection would like to congratulate them all on their outstanding achievements and wish them luck.  It look’s like they’re going to need it.

  1. University of Wisconsin – 10 Athletes (Curling: Erika Brown; Ice Hockey: Brianna Decker, Meghan Duggan, Hilary Knight, Ryan McDonagh, Joe Pavelski, Derek Stepan, Ryan Suter, Jessie Vetter)
  2. Dartmouth College – 9 Athletes (Alpine Skiing: David Chodounsky, Nolan Kasper, Andrew Weibrecht; Biathlon: Hannah Dreissigacker, Susan Dunklee, Sara Studebaker; Cross-Country Skiing: Sophie Caldwell, Ida Sargent; Freestyle Skiing: Hannah Kearney)
  3. University of Utah – 8 Athletes (Alpine Skiing: Steven Nyman; Biathlon: Annelies Cook; Bobsled: Steven Holcomb; Cross-Country Skiing: Torin Koos; Freestyle Skiing: Emily Cook; Ski Jumping: Lindsey Van; Speedskating: Alyson Dudek, Patrick Meek)
  4. University of Minnesota – 8 Athletes (Ice Hockey: Megan Bozek, Amanda Kessel, Phil Kessel, Paul Martin, Gigi Marvin, Anne Schleper, Lee Stecklein, Blake Wheeler)
  5. University of Michigan – 6 Athletes (Figure Skating: Evan Bates, Meryl Davis, Charlie White, Maia Shibutani, Alex Shibutani; Ice Hockey: Max Pacioretty)
  6. University of North Dakota – 4 Athletes (Ice Hockey: Jocelyne Lamoureux, Monique Lamoureux, T. J. Oshie, Zach Parise)
  7. Harvard University – 4 Athletes (Ice Hockey: Julie Chu, Lyndsey Fry, Michelle Picard, Josephine Pucci)
  8. Boston College – 4 Athletes (Ice Hockey: Alex Carpenter, Molly Schaus, Kelli Stack, Brooks Orpik)
  9. Alaska Pacific University — 4  Athletes (Cross-Country Skiing: Erik Bjornsen, Sadie Bjornsen, Holly Brooks, Kikkan Randall)