Keep this story in mind the next time a conservative American speaker is protested or banned from speaking on a college campus.

Katrin Marquez of The College Fix reports.

Chilean Anarchists Teach Anti-Capitalist Tactics To American Students

In recent years, college students in Chile have led anti-capitalist protests that have been so successful that the anarchists’ student leaders have gained political power in the South American country.

Over the last two months, some of the students who led the Chilean revolución have toured the U.S., teaching American college students how to promote and expand communism here, too.

The events were billed as a way for attendees to learn of the Chilean students’ pro-socialistic struggles, and how to replicate those efforts in America.

“They will be presenting on radical student activism, student organizing, and sharing their experiences in building an anti-capitalist student movement,” explained the Facebook event page for their stop at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., on Jan. 31.

The purpose of the tour appears to be to import Chilean anarchist Communist activism methods to the United States in order to strengthen the growing national movement.

The fact that institutions of higher learning from Miami to Seattle are not only willing to host these workshop, but that many have student-led organizations that take great efforts to plan them, suggests that anarcho-communism is an ideology with growing popularity among college students.

Many of the events were hosted by ethnic studies departments, student anarchist groups, and the like.

The Hampshire College event, for example, was organized by the Hampshire Anarchist Network and the Black Rose Anarchist Federation. The Facebook page for the Hampshire Anarchist Network describes them as “dedicated to the advancement of anarchism” with an aim toward “advocating an egalitarian, anti-authoritarian, and stateless society.”

The Black Rose Anarchist Federation promotes anarchist Communism.