Given the massive failures now associated with Obamacare, college students and their parents will take cold comfort in learning about President Obama’s new policy priority.

Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart files this report.

The White House announced that President Obama and First Lady Michelle are to host an event focused on the costs of college tuition on January 16.

The event is apparently part of the President’s second-term economic agenda to be rolled out ahead of the next State of the Union address scheduled for January 28.

For his second term, Obama plans to make healthcare, NSA reforms, and most especially income inequality all a major focus going forward. His college tuition event this week is a key part of the latter policy focus.

Obama says that his intent is to give all Americans a “fair shot of success,” and a college education is an important part of that effort.

“Anybody in this country who works hard should have a fair shot at success, period,” Obama said. “It doesn’t matter where they come from, what region of the country, what they look like, what their last name is, they should be able to succeed.”

In August the Administration announced a new ranking system intended to hold the rising costs of tuition down, especially for lower-income students. The new system purposefully runs counter to the well-known system produced by U.S. News and World Report, the White House proudly announced in November.

Despite the president’s announcement, the nation’s colleges and universities are unclear about how this ranking system is supposed to work.

Nonetheless, Obama has called for a $1 billion federal program to help students graduate with less debt.

For many, however, further federal involvement in the cost of tuition will not bring much help to students struggling to pay for an education. It has been a well-accepted concept that the more the government meddles in tuition and school loans, the higher tuition will rise.