Hatred of Israel and Jewish students has become a problem at the University of Calgary. Prof. Phyllis Chesler outlined the situation in a recent op-ed at Israel National News.

Jewish Students Fight Back on Canadian Campus

It’s Gaza in the Canadian Rockies on campuses.

While Canadian PM Harper, a true friend of Israel, “gets it,” the politically correct students at the University of Calgary do not. They believe that Jewish students deserve to be heckled, silenced, and demonized for trying to tell the truth about Israel.

One of the founders of “Calgary United with Israel” and “Canadians for Human Rights in the Middle East”, shared a letter with me that the editor of the student newspaper, The Gauntlet, refused to print in full–even though each and every claim was or could be substantiated.

I am enormously gratified that young Jewish students have begun to find their voices and can more than hold their own against the Big Lies. I have always said that the Al Aqsa Intifada escalated the war against the Jews, not only in Jerusalem, but also on campuses all across the West.

But at last, the Jewish students are standing their ground and fighting back. Here is the letter in its entirely that The Gauntlet refused to print. Kudos to “Calgary United with Israel” and to letters-writers, Michael Z. and Jake B.

The New Face of Anti-Semitism

By: Michael Z. and Jake B.

This article is a response to two articles published by The Gauntlet last week, one entitled “Facebook fanaticism leaves us speechless” and the other “Alleged hate speech on Facebook lands U of C student in international press”.

Presenting this issue as one of free speech is fallacious. The Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) club is inciting hate against Jews and is using tactics of intimidation, defamation and calls for violence. They are propagating old Nazi propaganda, packaging it as anti-Zionist, pro-Palestinian activism. SPHR is making the environment at our university feel increasingly hostile and dangerous for Jewish students.

SPHR has long since passed the responsible limits of free speech; they are exploiting the privileges of democracy to sabotage the fundamental rights of Jewish students to peace and security in their scholastic environment.

Among the anti-Semitic propaganda that we have endured, are calls for child martyrdom against Jews, libel that Israel puts feces in the Palestinians’ drinking water, yelling “racist” and “terrorist” at Jewish students for their support of Israel, propagation of conspiracy theories referring to Jews running the world, statements that CEOs of companies are “Zionists” and that Jews control the media (“Jew York Times”), declarations to our group members that “it’s too bad the Nazis didn’t finish off your family”, and propagation of demonizing lies and misinformation about Israel and historical facts.

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