Of course, there were many students on campus who campaigned for a Democrat. Somehow, those students escaped disciplinary measures. Go figure.

Alec Torres of National Review has the must read story.

Throwing the Book at Yale Republicans

This fall, students at Yale University fielded the first Republican candidate in 20 years for Ward One alderman of New Haven, Conn. Ward one encompasses the majority of Yale’s central campus. Desperately seeking to overthrow the secure Democratic incumbent, Sarah Eidelson, student volunteers for the underdog Republican, Paul Chandler, canvassed campus with posters, fliers, and the like. However, their actions were met with administrative reproach and threats of discipline.

Yale officials asked Ben Mallet, a sophomore at Yale and Chandler’s campaign manager, to take down Republican campaign signs across campus. For failing to do so in the less-than-24-hour period requested, for postering in his dormitory, and for hanging a banner from his window without permission, he was sent to the Executive Committee, or ExCom, Yale’s disciplinary-review board.

I spoke with Mallet to confirm the reports. “We started to put up leaflets, put up posters, as did our opponents,” Mallet tells me. Posters of both campaigns were strewn throughout the campus’s residential colleges. Then Richard Schotten, the master of Mallet’s residential college, e-mailed Mallet directing him to take down all the posters because his office had not approved them. “Eidelson’s campaign wasn’t disciplined by Yale at all,” Mallet says.

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