Talk about the White House “War on Women!”

The last time we checked on Alex Smith, she was poised to become the first woman to head the College National Republican Committee.

And, despite the Obama Administration’s claims about promoting the needs of both women and young Americans, it looks like she can’t get into the White House for a youth summit.

President Obama is scheduled to do the White House Youth Summit on Wednesday. But he’s apparently not too eager to answer questions from those he believes will ask him about tough issues. When Alex Smith, Chair of the College Republicans, applied to attend the event, the White House rejected her.

The White House’s response letter read:

Thank you for applying to attend the White House Youth Summit. While we have filled all spots for this event, we would like to remind you that on December 4th, 2013, a portion of the event will be live streamed on from 2:00 to 3:30 pm.

The White House’s original pitch for the White House Youth Summit stated, “Throughout President Obama’s career, he has been fighting for young people. Whether it’s increasing access to higher education or expanding health care coverage, giving young people a fair shot has been and always will be a priority. The President also believes in reaching out to youth across the country to make sure we’re hearing what they have to say, and helping them better understand the policies and programs that impact them.

While acknowledging that the White House rejects many applicants, Matthew Donnellan, executive director of the College Republican National Committee, pointed out, “Once again we are simply disappointed by President Obama. Young people are set to bear the brunt of the cost of Obamacare but the President refuses to have a genuine discussion about the issue. Obama’s abusive pattern of using young people for our votes and money but then disregarding our opinion is disheartening. All young Americans deserve better.”