We recently noted that California Polytechnic State University administrators launched a “cultural insensitivity and sexism” investigation over a “Colonial Bros and Nava-hos”-themed Thanksgiving fraternity-sorority party in which male students donned colonial-era outfits and female students dressed as sexy, scantily clad Native Americans.

The results of that in-depth investigation are in:

…The fraternity did not violate any official campus policies.

Does this mean the university plans to forget the incident? Absolutely not.

“We personally deplore this behavior,” wrote university administrators in a press release. Despite conceding that nothing improper was done, administrators then outlined the numerous steps they would take to heal the deep wounds that the party inflicted on “historically marginalized communities,” at Cal Poly.

First, the Cal Poly Greek system will host a summit focusing on gender and diversity issues, and alcohol abuse.

Next, the university will survey its student bodies about their opinions on various issues, in hopes of promoting greater tolerance and diversity on campus.

Cal Poly will also hire a new curriculum expert with the explicit goal of cramming racial and gender issues into university classes.

It will also continue to promote tolerance, given that minority students feel unwelcome on campus, according to The Tribune News.

Keith Humphrey, vice president of student affairs at Cal Poly, told The Daily Caller that even though the party did not violate campus policies, it clashed with the “welcoming” ethos of the university.

“Our efforts moving forward will focus on education and the impact that events like these have on historically marginalized communities,” he said in a statement.

One can only expect that the new curriculum expert will come up with a new set of rules.