We recently told you about a high school football team in Lunenburg, MA which was forced to forfeit the end of its season because racist graffiti was found on a player’s home.

O’Ryan Johnson of the Boston Herald is now reporting that the incident had absolutely no connection to the team.

Lunenburg cops: Graffiti not linked to team

Lunenburg police said they have no evidence linking “any present member” of the Lunenburg High School football team to racist graffiti that was spray-painted on the home of a 13-year-old player — an incident that prompted community outrage and led to the cancellation of the team’s season two weeks ago.

“We have not found any conclusive evidence linking any present member of the Lunenburg High School football team to the hate crime incident reported,” police said.

The Boston FBI office said its agents investigated the matter, but only to determine whether a federal hate crime had been committed. Spokesman Greg Comcowich said their investigators determined the graffiti did not violate federal law. He said they had no comment on the police investigation.

Lunenburg police yesterday said the investigation into the Nov. 15 vandalism is ongoing.

“We take matters such as this type of hate crime very serious,” police said. “Consequently this investigation is ongoing and we are very confident that a conclusion will be forthcoming.”

Where does the team go to get its reputation (and season) back?