A new activist group called “Take Back UC” is made up of students, community groups, and labor unions. A quick glance at their website reveals that it’s a liberal group.

From whom are they taking the school back? The liberal governor of California? The liberal school administrators? The former Obama administration official who’s now president of the entire UC system?

“Take Back UC” doesn’t seem to be aware that their team has been in charge of everything at UC for years.

Libby Rainey of the Daily Californian provides this glowing profile of the group.

‘Take Back UC’ aims to unify interests across state to change university

UC activists from many different walks of life are finding a voice in a campaign with a set of goals as ambitious as its name: Take Back UC.

A coalition of students, workers, politicians and community members that has taken to the Internet to spread its cause, Take Back UC is purposely broad in scope — a movement meant to encompass any and all concerns about the health and prosperity of the university, according to supporters.

The campaign is the brainchild of the university’s largest union, American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 3299, a group representing more than 22,000 service and patient-care workers across the UC system’s 10 campuses, five medical centers and multiple clinics and laboratories. AFSCME 3299’s leadership decided to launch an online campaign to bring together various groups from the university and across California last summer, according to Todd Stenhouse, the union’s communications director. The movement quickly gained traction in the fall as groups such as Berkeley City Council and UC Berkeley’s ASUC Senate signed on in support.

“There’s clearly a lot of concern and a lot of evidence to suggest some real problems at UC,” Stenhouse said. “The idea was to construct a platform, literally an online platform, to connect people so they could effectively learn about some of the problems and become a part of a campaign to advocate for solutions.”