As we enter into the New Year, I wanted follow one of blogging’s finest traditions: The Top 10 List.

The top of my favorite post list features those about the wonderful Canto Talk interviews I did with my compatriot, Aleister of American Glob.

1) College Insurrection Night on Canto Talk: Aleister and I review how the corrupt press has actually failed to fulfill its First Amendment responsibilities, and its detrimental impact on the future of American college students.

2) August 8 – College Insurrection Night on Canto Talk: We discussed a few of Aleister’s post on the invasion of college campuses by the porn industry, institutional indoctrination, and the Higher Education Bubble.

Next on the list are interviews with other college-oriented conservative activists:

3) A Look at Campus Misandry with Jonathan Taylor “A Voice for Male Students”

4) CANTO TALK: Prager U. Team takes us “behind the scenes” on June 6th. A chat with Dean of Students Jared Sichel and Project Manager Noah Yaffe about the online courses focusing on conservative principles.

I was asked to review some amazing books, too.

5) Men on Strike – Why Men are Fleeing Colleges Dr. Helen Smith’s excellent book had a chilling chapter about the college experiences of young men.

6) Book Review: James O’Keefe’s Breakthrough (Update – new video)may have been published at Legal Insurrection, the author was featured in a few College Insurrection posts, too: Conservative activist James O’Keefe talks citizen journalism at Northwestern

Next are the stories that touch my Tea Party heart: Those highlighting successful push backs against progressive antics.

7) Heterosexual gym teacher’s discrimination lawsuit against lesbian boss

8) Catholic University Keeps the $1 Million Koch Donation

9) Bravery at Berkeley: Prof crosses picked line to teach class

Finally, my top 10 list would be incomplete without a link to something about Egypt.

10) Harvard Museum of Science and Culture Hosts Bob Brier’s “Egyptomania” Talk

Looking back, 2013 has been a very busy year on campuses.  I suspect 2014 will be even busier.  Happy New Year!