We covered the outrage expressed at a University of Texas conservative student group that hosted an “affirmative action bake sale.”

But its most recent event garnered such a serious threat from the administration, that the game was over before it began.

A conservative student group at the University of Texas has cancelled their “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Game.”

The Young Conservatives of Texas said Tuesday they feared retaliation from campus officials who called their plan a violation of the university’s honor code. Members planned to wear signs that said “illegal immigrant” and offered $25 gift cards to students who caught them and turned them in to the club.

Group spokesman Lorenzo Garcia acknowledged the idea was “over the top” but said the university should not silence student protests. Garcia said the goal was to spark debate over immigration reform.

Texas law allows students who came to the United States illegally to pay in-state tuition, something many Republicans want to repeal.

University officials said all students must treat one another respectfully.