The fine folks at YAF are getting ready for Freedom Week 2013 and you can get your college campus involved too.

Freedom Week 2013

On college and high school campuses nationwide . . .

24 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, America’s youth face a new wall we must break through: the federal government’s job-killing policies.

Just like the East Berliners and those trapped behind the Iron Curtain suffered from the oppression of big government, so do young people suffer today from big-government policies. These policies are the new wall between young people and freedom.

You can fight back by celebrating Freedom Week on campus! Freedom Week commemorates two important dates: the fall of the Berlin Wall and Veterans Day.

This year, remember these days by standing for the ideas behind them. Young people must fight for financial freedom, or we will be indentured to the government for life. We must also stand with the men and women who risk it all for America’s liberty.

You can:

  • Tear down the Berlin Wall on Friday, November 8 to observe the November 9 anniversary when millions were freed from government oppression when the wall came down.
  • Have World Freedom Day and Freedom Week recognized on campus.
  • Educate your fellow students that President Reagan brought real “hope” and “change” when he defeated communism.
  • Schedule a screening of the film, The Conservatives or Still Point in a Turning World: Ronald Reagan and His Ranch.
  • Teach freedom to students.
  • Stand-up for the military and America’s veterans.