We recently featured a video in which Harvard students couldn’t name the capital of Canada.

Now, in another video expose, watch Illinois students struggle with the determination if famous native son, Abraham Lincoln, was a Republican or Democrat. To be fair to the students, it probably isn’t helpful that a plaque at Northeastern Illinois University calls Abraham Lincoln a Democrat.

Students at a public university in Illinois, the home state of arguably the most famous and influential president in American history – Abraham Lincoln – can only guess whether the 16th president was a Republican or a Democrat.

The video was filmed Friday near a historic building that’s part of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, a structure that includes a plaque that labels Lincoln a Democrat. Installed in 1905, the plaque states: “This building is dedicated to public service honoring the memory of Abraham Lincoln   Democrat.”

Lincoln was a Republican.

The two-minute video shows a parade of students at the university who, when asked if Lincoln was a Republican or Democrat, hesitate, grin, turn sheepishly away from the camera, and say I don’t know. And when they take an educated guess, many answered Democrat, while some said Republican.

Charlie Kirk, founder and executive director of the Illinois-based Turning Point USA, a nationwide young conservatives student movement, emceed the video. The nonprofit advocacy group vows to fight to reword the plaque.