Vladimir Davidiuk writes at The College Conservative. In a recent post, he laid out the truth.

Liar. Period. End Of Story.

Very little that Obama promised with regard to the Affordable Care Act has been proven true. In fact, to the contrary, Obama’s assurances that Obamacare would lower premiums and deductibles have resulted in the exact opposite outcome. Obamacare cannot and will not reduce the deficit, nor will it improve the competitiveness of American businesses. In fact, the law makes it harder to keep valuable employees. Obamacare fundamentally changes existing health plans and in many cases causes their cancellation–plans which were very much “liked” by those who had them. The epic collapse of the Healthcare.gov website immediately brings to mind comparisons to the Titanic and the Hindenburg. Enrolling in Obamacare is decidedly not nearly as effortless as making online purchases on Amazon or Travelocity.

Worse still is the fact that Obama and the Democrats have yet to fully be honest with the American people by admitting that their plan to implement Obamacare does little to actually improve healthcare, but does much to give the Federal Government control over 1/6 of the largest economy in the world, removing it from the process of free enterprise and a self-regulating market that has seen vast improvements and price reductions in areas that allowed competition to flourish, such as plastic surgery, and laser eye surgery.

Obama said at least 36 times that “if you like your healthcare plan, you can keep it,” willfully and knowingly lying each time. He and the Democrats had no choice but to lie, because they knew that if they told the truth–that millions of people would lose their preferred health coverage, that premiums would skyrocket, that thousands of people would see their jobs lost, or at best have their pay drastically cut as employers found ways to offset the crippling cost of implementing Obamacare, that a failed website cost upwards of $500 million, that it would be unable to secure their private data, that the quality of health coverage would be reduced–there was no way their legislation would ever pass.