Lots of bad choices were made in this situation.

The College Fix reports.

Kansas Students Caught in Druken Orgies: ‘We’re Ashamed’ (VIDEO)

After the Al Jazeera news network exposed the wild drunken antics of students at the University of Kansas, students there now say they are ashamed of their words and behavior.

The University Herald reports:

Students and administrators at the University of Kansas (KU) are embarrassed and ashamed of the contents of a recent Al Jazeera America investigative piece on the relation between college partying culture and sexual assault.

A group of students agreed to allow an Al Jazeera reporter bring his camera to spend a day and night observing the students partying, conducting interviews along the way. The students believed the reporter was going to publish a piece on drinking and hookup culture on college campuses.

The piece ran and ended up being titled, “What role does college partying play in sexual assault?”

Click the link below to see a video report.