Why would an atheist want to attend a Christian school? According to this student it was for the school’s communications program.

Billy Hallowell of The Blaze has the story.

‘I’m an Atheist’: Christian College Student Body President Reveals Shocking Secret in Op-Ed

Eric Fromm, student body president at Northwest Christian University, a faith-based college in Eugene, Ore., stunned his college community last week when he revealed through an op-ed published in a campus outlet that he’s an atheist.

Fromm shared his theological views and issued a clarion call for Christians to be more accepting of others who disagree with their worldview in the Beacon Bolt, an online publication.

“My name is Eric Fromm. I am Senior at NCU majoring in communications, and I am an atheist,” he wrote in an article titled “Lifting the Curtain.”

He continued, “Yes, you read that correctly, I am an atheist. For those of you who didn’t already know about my nonbelief, this news may be a bit shocking, but I was an atheist long before I came to NCU.”

Fromm went on to explain that he was baptized a Lutheran and raised a Methodist, but that, over time, he began to develop the belief that “God wasn’t real.”

Considering Fromm’s admission that he came to Northwest Christian University, a well-known Christian school, as an atheist, he explained that he did so because he knew the school had a good communications program.

“I knew that the school catered to Christian thinking, so before I enrolled, I visited the campus to make sure that the chapel services were comfortable enough that I could fulfill the requirement,” he wrote. “No one was speaking in tongues or handling snakes, so I decided to stay.”