Here’s another story to add to the ever expanding list of pro-life displays vandalized on college campuses:

Last week students from Central Michigan University found that their onesie display had been vandalized by those seeking to silence their message. The display consisted of eight onesies hanging on a clothes line, six of the onesies were white and two had a large “x” through them. Along with the onesies and clothes line the display had a sign that said “one in every four pregnancies ends in abortion, that’s 1.4 million every single year.” The red “x” represented the child that was aborted.

According to CMU Students for Life student president Kassey Maldag, “the entire display was discovered missing and the only thing that remained was the clothesline strung between two trees.” The students set up their display on Monday evening, “We were very excited to set the display up, since we had been waiting a very long time for the Student Activities and Involvement Office to approve the display in the first place” said Kassey. The students requested permission for their display to be put up on campus back in September, and now at the end of November finally got permission from the school to put up their display, only find it stolen two days later.

CMU student at PR chair, Sarah Donetti reported that the moment they realized this vandalism had occurred, they immediately contacted police and campus safety representatives and filed a report. Police and safety said they will do what they can to find who is responsible for stealing their display.

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