Obamacare is redefining the concept of “total system failure.”

Not only is the website fraught with issues, but instead of rushing to enroll in the program, the young Americans who were suppose to be a key component to program implementation are now having “Dropping Out” parties (hat-tip, Instapundit).

This weekend the “free-thinking, liberty-loving” anti-Obamacare group, Generation Opportunity, threw a tailgate party at the University of Miami.

Generation Opportunity (GO) were invited to the University of Miami by a campus group called College Republicans, who “supports and promotes Republican Party candidates and ideals.”

The president of Generation Opportunity, Evan Feinberg, spoke to BuzzFeed about the tailgate party, and why they’re trying to educate and empower young people on Obamacare by throwing a college tailgate parties with beer pong, pizza, and models.

Does Feinberg think that the booze and partying distracted away from the group’s message? “No not at all. We want many many young Americans to learn that they can opt out of Obamacare.”

But why shouldn’t young people sign up for Obamacare? Feinberg says it’s because they don’t need it:

“Young people don’t need and shouldn’t get the Obamacare insurance where they going to pay three times as much for their insurance to pay for for somebody else’s healthcare. There are other insurance options that haven’t yet been cancelled by the administration. There are things like 364 day plans short-term year long insurance plans that are not regulated under Obamacare that off catastrophic coverage.

“96% of uninsured young people do not have a chronic condition. They need protection against unforeseen costs, not prepaid healthcare where they have to pay way more for healthcare they’re not going to use to pay for somebody else’s.”