The left knows it’s losing the Obamacare battle in the world of ideas. The harsher their rhetoric gets, the more obvious it becomes.

Matthew Boyle of Breitbart has the story. (Language warning)

Professor Tells ‘Evil’ GOP Rep ‘F*ck You’ over Obamacare Criticism

An English professor for the taxpayer-subsidized Langston University, a historically black college in Oklahoma, took to social media Tuesday to deride congressional Republicans, specifically Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR), for their efforts to expose the flaws of Obamacare amid its disastrous rollout, Breitbart News has learned.

Larry Van Meter, an associate professor of English at the school, visited Griffin’s Google Plus page Tuesday, leaving comments criticizing him and his GOP colleagues in the U.S. Congress.

Griffin had posted a video of a CNN story about how former Obamacare supporter Jessica Sanford lost her healthcare plan because of the president’s healthcare law and how she now cannot afford any of the new plans. “A heartbreaking story about a woman who is unable to get health insurance because the cost is so high under #Obamacare,” the congressman posted with the video.

In response to that post, Van Meter posted as a comment: “Call me when you come up with a better plan, you stupid crook. Of course, that would involve taking off your knee pads.”

“‘Obamacare or nothing’ is a false choice,” the congressman responded. “House Republicans have dozens of alternative proposals to help lower costs and expand access. For example, I’ve cosponsored The American Health Care Reform Act (H.R. 3121). You can learn more about it here.” Griffin added a link to a press release showing the details of HR 3121.

In response to Griffin’s information, Van Meter lashed out with a profanity-laced post. Van Meter told Griffin “fuck you,” said “you Republicans are evil,” and said Griffin was a “graft-taking motherfucker,” among other comments.

That post, in its entirety, follows:

“Protect individuals with pre-existing conditions against discrimination”

–Attention, you graft-taking motherfucker: that’s Obamacare.

–Any ‘market-based’ solution to the problem of people not getting the healthcare they need is rooted in the fantasy that “the market” will respond to competition with lower prices and better services. How’s that worked for you for the last 15 decades?  Tell that to my brother (broken neck, broken back, Scarlet Fever), whose conditions have made it impossible for him to get healthcare AT ALL until now.

–Your pals in the insurance industry have lots of competition, but they’re happy with their profit margins, so they’re NOT GOING TO LOWER their prices.

–Holy shit, you Republicans are evil.

–Oh yeah, Fuck you.