This professor gets a D for dumb decisions. The student sounds like a real winner too.

Eric Owens of The Daily Caller reports.

Feisty college student hits professor she was sleeping with, then hits cop

The Daily Caller’s Gold Star Student of the Week is Taylor Ashton Davis, a community college student in Iowa who allegedly physically assaulted the professor she was sleeping with. She also laid waste to his classroom. And then she punched the cop who arrested her.

The classroom confrontation occurred on Thursday morning on the Iowa City campus of Kirkwood Community College, reports The Gazette of Cedar Rapids.

Police were called to the scene just before 10 a.m. because someone was “hitting a professor.”

That someone turned out to be Davis. She allegedly thumped the unidentified professor in the chest and chucked books and various other things all over the classroom. The motive for the outburst is unclear.

When police arrived, Davis, 24, answered some basic questions. Then, she said she “just wanted to leave,” according to a criminal complaint.

The cops informed her that she couldn’t leave just yet, because, after all, she was the principal suspect in the assault.

“She screamed at me that he was a sexual predator and tried to get past me,” the complaint narrates, according to The Gazette. “I grabbed her arm, and she hit my arm forcefully in an apparent attempt to make me release my grip.”

At about that point, the cops arrested Davis.

It was also roughly then that the professor admitted that he had been engaged “in an intimate relationship” with Davis. He said he “tried to end about one year ago.” The breakup was unsuccessful, though, and the affair “has been somewhat ongoing.”

It’s not clear if Davis ever had the unnamed professor for a class. If he did, and even if he didn’t, his job could be in jeopardy as a result of the incident.

Kristie Fisher, a spokeswoman for Kirkwood, told The Gazette that the school’s “consensual relationship policy” and its “discrimination and sexual harassment policy” could apply.

The “consensual relationship policy” flatly forbids professors from having sexual relationships with students who are in their classes or otherwise in their academic orbit.