The classic Kurt Vonnegut Jr. short story “Harrison Bergeron” comes to mind.

Emily Yavitch of The College Fix reports.

‘Sizeism’ Joins Campus PC Lexicon

Have you heard of sizeism? You will soon.

It’s the latest ‘ism’ to join the higher education discrimination lexicon, courtesy of San Diego State University’s recent “Tunnel of Oppression” theatrical exhibit.

Every November, San Diego State rings in winter with the Tunnel of Oppression, during which groups of students walk through a large multipurpose room and are greeted with a series of vignettes acted out by student Resident Advisors who aim to teach their peers they’re insensitive, discriminatory, racist and sexist.

This year, visitors began their experience in a room adorned with pictures of models while the sound of a female vomiting played in the background.

For those of you not currently attending college, let me update you on the latest PC trends: The Tunnel of Oppression is no longer just for blacks or gays. Enter sizeism – such a new inclusion to the PC lexicon that even Microsoft Word 2013 does not recognize it.

Sizeism is oppression against people of different sizes – not just people who are overweight, but also short, tall or skinny. People with an average build are the new Aryan majority.

Now everybody has the opportunity to feel victimized. The inclusion of sizeism – and at SDSU they tossed in ageism, too – makes this possible: invariably everybody is sized differently or of a different age than people they know.

Ultimately, the program aims to make participants feel guilt over any happy thought they’ve ever had because someone, somewhere, at this very moment, is experiencing oppression. And it’s all your fault.

It teaches that oppression does not have to be intentional. Anybody and everybody is oppressive, because any remark has the potential to offend. And of course, the burden falls on the speaker to mind their words and ensure that every remark uses inclusive language.