As we’ve reported, a Georgetown law class requires students to work for a pro-abortion group.

Now, the school is trying to deal with one student who has an entirely different notion of sex-based activism:

Several envelopes stuffed with free condoms that some pro-choice students at the Catholic Georgetown University tape to their dorm-room doors have been hit by a campus condom bandit.

University officials at the Jesuit university recently decided to look the other way as the student group H*yas for Choice, which reportedly gets its rubbers from Planned Parenthood, doles out the prophylactics to their randy peers.

Someone on the campus apparently doesn’t agree with that decision.

The Hoya student newspaper reports the condom-filled envelopes have been “repeatedly vandalized” in what the H*yas for Choice student president called a ”widespread, new phenomenon.”

The Hoya goes on to note:

H*yas for Choice Board Member Vincent DeLaurentis has had his door in Darnall vandalized at least twice.

“Every time they rip it down, I’m going to put it back up. I mean, there is an infinite amount of envelopes in the world, so I can always find another,” DeLaurentis said. After his condoms were torn down, he hung a sign that said, “Every time you rip this down, I’ll make a donation to Planned Parenthood,” which was also ripped off the door.

“I’ll just keep upping the ante and put little jokes up like that,” DeLaurentis said.

The debate over whether free condoms should be distributed on a Catholic campus heated up late last month when administrators essentially agreed to allow the practice.