One of the casualties of the campus “War on Men” has been the dating life of Young Americans.

Cosmopolitan is trying to help the situation by offering a two lists where women have the greatest and least chance to meet eligible bachelors….perhaps at a politically correct Halloween party.

The good news: Women now outnumber men when it comes to earning college degrees. The bad news: This makes every cute guy on campus a hotter commodity than a ball-player at a Kardashian family reunion. Finding a guy to occupy our free time – and beds – shouldn’t be too much for college-aged women to ask for.

Unfortunately, at New York University, where I went to undergrad, it totally was. Straight, dateable guys felt like such an endangered species that watching one get approached at a bar or party was like turning on Animal Planet the moment before the lion pounces on the zebra. The upshot of going to a school where the women far outnumbered the datable dudes is that I figured out some stealth tactics for meeting men, like finding out where the sports teams celebrated their big wins and showing up there (What? I like jocks.) or mixing up my routine and taking different routes to my classes (well hello, sharp-suited subway rider…). So even if you’re at one of the “worst” schools to meet single guys, take it from someone who knows-it’s not hopeless. And hey, even if I didn’t meet my future husband in college (and I’m actually glad I didn’t), I had a great time finding my future bridesmaids.

Here, Cosmo’s lists of the best and worst colleges to meet men:


1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2. California Institute of Technology
3. Clarkson University
4. Purdue University
5. University of North Carolina School of the Arts…

1. Fashion Institute of Technology
2. University of Maryland at Baltimore
3. Rhode Island College
4. Sarah Lawrence College
5. College of Charleston…