So this is what performance art has devolved into? I wonder if this student is planning to invite his family to the “show.”

Eric Owens of The Daily Caller has the scoop.

Art student’s stunt will be publicly losing his anal virginity

Meet Clayton Pettet. He’s 19. He’s gay. He is a student at Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London…

Pettet plans to give out tickets randomly to people who register. The number of ticket seekers could swell in light of the publicity the sex show has generated. Tickets are free. The minimum age for entry is 18.

The sex show is called “Art School Stole My Virginity.” The very straightforward plot will involve Pettet as the recipient of anal sex from an unidentified gay friend. He stresses that the sodomy will be safe, which presumably means that a condom will be involved.

“Does male virginity really exist? If so, can a male ever lose his virginity?” Pettet penetratingly asks on his blog related to the big event. “And is virginity even real, for women and men? Or is it just an ignorant word that was used to dictate the value of a woman’s worth pre-marriage.”

The British art student noted that the notion for this exhibition has been percolating in his mind since he was just a lad of 16.

“The key thing about performance art is that it should only be performed once, and this is the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime performance,” Pettet told HUH. “Since culturally we do hold quite a lot of value to the idea of virginity I have decided to use mine and the loss of it to create a piece that I think will stimulate interesting debate and questions regarding the subject.”