Campuses across the nation tout their “Sex Week” activities as a way to promote student health.

Yet, despite the seemingly enthusiastic reception by many young scholars, some are none to thrilled with the nature of these events.

As the University of Maryland’s sex week comes to an end, the student newspaper The Diamondback published an op-ed from a junior history major and university employee who asked to remain unnamed to protect her job.

I am a student at this university, and I am offended by Sex Week. Believe it or not, some students believe human sexuality is sacred and should be treated with reverence. Sex Week is spit in our faces.

I understand the intention, and I respect it. For those who are sexually active, it’s highly important to be educated, safe and healthy. That’s why there is a large sexual health division at the University Health Center. That’s why students can get STI testing and free condoms whenever they need to. …

But a pole dancer coming to teach us how to talk dirty in the bedroom? A sex toy demonstration? A performance by a group called Pussy REP? Stop right there. These events cannot be classified as sexual health. They are offensive and unnecessary. They trivialize human sexuality and show no reverence whatsoever for the human body.

… The obvious argument will be, “If you don’t like it, don’t participate,” but unfortunately, I have to. I walk through Hornbake Plaza on Tuesdays. … It’s all over the Internet. So yes, I am involuntarily participating because Sex Week is being shoved in my face.

It stands against my religion, many other religions represented on the campus and many students’ basic moral codes. This university blatantly neglected us when planning this week. If Sex Week returns to our campus in the future, I sincerely hope there are serious reforms made.

This student rightly points out that most Sex Week events are just excuses to engage in explicit, hyper-sexualized, often pornographic activities. It’s nice someone took a stand. We wish more people did.