We have been following the story of the young Ohio University couple who engaged in a public sex act that went viral in the new media.

In the wake of the notoriety, the young woman claims that she was being sexually assaulted. Jonathan Taylor, founder of A Voice for Men, takes a look at the detailed disclosures that have followed and how campus feminists are responding.

College Insurrection #10 OUrape1

You could say that virtually everyone commenting on the internet agreed that this was not, in fact, a rape.

Well, everyone except for Feminists, and their friends who are the regular readers and commenters at Huffington Post College. In her interview with 10 TV News, Feminist student Allie Erwin emphatically said, “It was rape. She reported it to the police as rape.” As if one proves the other. And the usual HuffPo commenters made a showing, as they do almost every time the publication releases an article about an alleged rape:

College Insurrection #11 OUrape2


I’m not sure how race comes into this. Apparently she has never heard of Praise Martin-Oguike or Brian Banks.

According to Taylor, Ohio University administrations have 60 days to resolve a sexual assault complaint and establish a “finding” (verdict) and a “remedy” (punishment), according to Title IX guidelines. It looks like there will be a lot more feminist outrage in the meantime.