Back in September, Legal Insurrection broke a story about Hamilton College which was planning to run a diversity program segregated by race.

In a recent post at Minding The Campus, Robert Paquette provides some background on the man behind Hamilton’s outrageous plan.

The Sorry State of Hamilton College

On the evening of 19 September, about two weeks before the scheduled appearance of Hillary Rodham Clinton as a “Great Names” speaker at Hamilton College, members of the Hamilton College community received an all-campus email from Amit Taneja, head of Hamilton’s Days-Massolo Center. Mr. Taneja, who had been recently elevated to the position “Director of Diversity & Inclusion” by President Joan Hinde Stewart, had designed a provocative, multi-staged event that would begin on September 26 with an assemblage, “open to people of color only” so as to provide a needed “safe space” for “dialogue” on “internalized racism.”

Mr. Taneja came to Hamilton College by way of India and is a citizen of Canada. In 2007, he published an essay entitled “From Oppressor to Activist: Reflections of a Feminist Journey.” In it Mr. Taneja speaks loudly and clearly about himself and his politics. He identifies as a gay activist and sees oppression everywhere in the United States, although, he admits, because he “was born with a penis” he still has “[a] lot of power.”

Sounding very much like any number of left-wing educrats who, having swilled the same Kool-Aid, now populate almost every college campus in the country, Mr. Taneja pronounced that corporate types, apparently just like those who while sitting on the Hamilton College board of trustees decided to enshrine him as head of the Days-Massolo Center, had done “little to make us examine our assumptions and merely gives us license to continue to exercise our power while maintaining a superficial front of understanding and tolerance. True social justice work starts with grassroots activism and extends in scope from local to national to global.”