College Insurrection recently reported that pro-life students are taking on Planned Parenthood on campus. Not soon enough, apparently.

Kristan Hawkins of Life News reports.

Shocking Video: College Students Say “Women Need to Have More Abortions”

Students for Life’s Planned Parenthood Project has just started our 2nd week, and we are heading to Michigan right now -visiting 4 campuses in the next 4 days with our message of truth – truth about what Planned Parenthood is really about…abortion.

You see, last week was a whirlwind – we were in Colorado, New Mexico, and New York! And the verdict is in – our Planned Parenthood Project is making waves on campuses and causing student think about abortion and the abortion industry’s Goliath in a way never done before.

Our first day on campus last week, at Colorado State University, our Regional Coordinator caught a conversation between two “pro-abortion” students on film and it was shocking. In the video a young man says he’s not “pro-choice” but “pro-abortion” and that ‘”we need to start convincing women to have more abortions!”

Here’s the video.