This is funny because most people have acknowledged that Cruz’s speech wasn’t technically a filibuster. Who’s the real “idiot” here, professor?

The College Fix reports.

Texas Professor Calls Sen. Ted Cruz An ‘Idiot’ Over Filibuster

Texas A&M University Professor Danny Yeager on Tuesday called Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) an “idiot” and an obstructionist, describing the lawmaker’s filibuster as ”ridiculous.”

“I think Ted Cruz is an idiot,” Yeager, a chemistry professor and advisor to the Texas Aggie Democrats, told The Battalion campus newspaper  “The legislation was passed four years ago with a large majority. He is obstructing what’s going on in the Senate and the will of the people.”

“We should not be having a filibuster where the majority obviously favors what’s going on in terms of the [Affordable Care Act], and it should not be subjected to a filibuster where one senator who is way out of the mainstream of American politics can stop what’s being done,” Yeager added. “It’s totally ridiculous.”

Not to be outdone, the group Yeager advises – the Texas Aggie Democrats – chipped in with their own statement that Cruz is just grandstanding:

“Due to this filibuster’s inability to impact legislation, it is apparent that Senator Ted Cruz is using his elected position to stand in the national spotlight in order to further his own personal and political agenda. The senator is showing a supreme lack of consideration for his constituents and his actions are embarrassing to Texans.”