Jennifer Kabbany, Associate Editor of The College Fix, offers her perspective on campus news priorities:

Pop music star Miley Cyrus recently set the nation abuzz with her performance at the MTV music video awards. Apparently the country was aghast to see a scantily clad Millennial thrusting her hips sexually, as if that were a big deal.

…In the last school year alone there’s a parade of examples on which The College Fix has reported that makes Cyrus’ act look like a kiddie-ride at Disneyland:

1. Butt-Chugging 101: The time a bunch of frat boys thought it would be funny to get drunk by ingesting alcohol through their anuses. University of Tennessee, Oct. 2012.

2.‘Incest-fest’: The time a bunch of Ivy Leaguers thought it’d be cool to engage in “incest” and host a dorm orgy of sorts in which they’d all make out with their roommates. Harvard University, Nov. 2012

3. Professor Gone Wild: The time a science professor stripped to his underwear in front of his class and then had two ninjas come on stage and behead stuffed-animal lambs while war videos played in the background. Columbia University, Feb. 2013.

4. Masturbation Peek-A-Boo: The time a bunch of college students came up with a creative way to watch each other get off. Swarthmore College, Feb. 2013.

5. College Sex: The time female colleges students across the nation bragged in campus newspapers about how they like to be spanked, ejaculated on, watch porn and have sex in the school library. 2012-13 school year

6. Tranny Time: The time a devoutly catholic university hosted a drag show that featured an “Asian Glamasaurus” who strut his/her stuff while students nearby prayed the rosary. University of San Diego, May 2013.

7. Prostitution? No Biggie: The time nine percent of Yale University students who participated in a survey on sexual behavior reported having been paid for sex at least once. Yale University, March 2013.

8. Nudist Colony on Campus: The time college students hosted naked yoga, naked Shakespeare and naked body painting – all in front of a captive audience. Brown University, Sept. 2012.

9. Masturbation in a Church: The time a university hosted a masturbation tutorial for students on the same alter where the holy Eucharist is served. Allegheny College, Feb. 2013.

10. Full-Frontal Vagina: The time a university hosted billboard-sized pictures of vaginas in its quad. University of Cincinnati, March 2013.