It loos like our young men are not the only ones suffering from the enforcement of progressive feminist principles on campus.

One anonymous Smith College coed, who wanted to form a straight-only sorority that would promote an entirely different diversity outreach approach that was favorable to men, is now the target of a witch-hunt for her attempt to go against the agenda.

Elite women’s colleges are reputed to be popular choices among lesbian students. This, apparently, was the impression of one Smith College student who proposed to create a ‘straight’ sorority, which would focus on, well… read for yourself.

Delta Gamma officials don’t know who wrote the now-viral e-mail proposing an all-straight “sorority” at Smith College in Northampton, Mass., but they say it’s certainly not happening.

In the email — which was originally posted and later removed on Tumblr by another Smith student known as “aQuieterRioter” — the unidentified author invited her classmates to help her create an “exclusive” chapter of Delta Gamma for “straight girls” with planned activities such as “sorority mixers with Amherst men, weekly dinner dates, weekly photoshoots where we would dress up nice [and] baking nights.”

The self-identifying heterosexual student wrote in the e-mail that she felt “marginalized” at the women’s college of 2,600 and that the straight-only sorority could be a “really great way to socialize with people we identify more with at Smith.”

We, at The College Fix, doubt very much that a proposal for a sorority for homosexual students would have garnered such a harsh reaction from the overwhelmingly liberal Smith College community. So why is a sorority for ‘straights’ so controversial?

What was the response? A witch-hunt by the PC Police, of course!

“As a straight smithie I have NEVER felt marginalized by the queer community,” @jnims wrote Sept 17. “I can’t fathom how you see it as a source of oppression. Being straight isn’t a burden, not at smith, anywhere.”

Public outcry was so strong that the Smith College student who leaked the e-mail removed the original post, apologizing for the subsequent “witchhunt” against the author.

Plans for the all-straight sorority was news to Delta Gamma’s Mary Ellen Hardies, the national chapter’s director of communication, who told USA TODAY Delta Gamma first heard about the Smith student’s e-mail from a Google news alert.

“Our attorney has been in contact with the university trying to figure out what the heck is going on, who this girl is, to what extent things are happening” Hardies said of the unidentified student’s e-mail. “That sort of approach does not fall in line with our values at all.”