In the aftermath of the destruction of a 9/11 memorial at Middlebury College, the school’s staff council has issued an official statement denouncing the act.

Middlebury’s blog has the statement.

September 11th incident – Staff Council statement

The Middlebury College Staff Council recently sent this email to all Middlebury College staff:

Members of the staff of Middlebury College,

The Middlebury College Staff Council strongly rejects disrespectful behavior in any circumstances. The recent disruption of a solemn memorial display by very few people in no way represents the welcoming social and physical environment of the Middlebury College campus that staff members work hard to help provide. We support President Liebowitz when he said, “the disrespectful methods of the protesters overshadowed anything that might have been learned from the convictions they claimed to promote.” We further support the administration’s disciplinary investigation.

To foster more open dialog on this important matter, we have posted this statement on our blog and welcome your comments there.

Staff Council