We recently featured a video rant from Michigan State University (MSU) professor William Penn, who opened the first day of his creative writing class ranting against “old Republicans” who he says “raped” the country.

Thanks to new technology and a brave student willing to capture this event on video secretly, this vile screed went viral and now it the instructor is facing serious consequences for his classroom antics.

In an email to students on Thursday morning, Dean Karen Wurst of the College of Arts & Letters made the announcement:

“On Aug. 29, during your Literatures, Cultures, Identities course, Professor William Penn made comments he has acknowledged were inappropriate, disrespectful and offensive and may have negatively affected the learning environment.

Once MSU was made aware of the situation the Office of the Provost immediately began a review.

As a result, Penn’s duties have been reassigned, and he will not be teaching this semester. A new instructor is being assigned to your course.”

A school trustee also chimed in with some scathing remarks:

In an interview with Campus Reform on Wednesday, MSU trustee Mitch Lyons said he found Prof. William Penn’s comments “disturbing.”

…“The comments themselves were disturbing, from my take, regardless of the political spectrum you’re on, it’s certainly not fostering a safe place to learn. It was intimidating, offensive in nature, and there’s no place for that in our university.”

Lyons said Penn’s comments created a hostile campus culture.